Frame Magazine

Working for internationally renowned publishers Frame involves the graphical design for magazines Frame, Elephant and Mark, as well as creating the concept and design for books on art, design and architecture.
Frame magazine, a bi-monthly publication on contemporary interior design and products, was given a complete redesign Ė from the cover, the interior and the font selection. Together with Cathelijn Kruunenberg and Adriaan Mellegers, a new flexible typographical identity was created. The transformation centred around two main details: a limited number of typefaces (Calibre and Chronicle condensed) and a set of simple rules to differentiate the different sections. The only other graphical interventions are the change in color palette per issue Ė from the cover to the text, and the overlapping arrangement of text and images.

Designed at Frame Publishers in collaboration with Cathelijn Kruunenberg, Adriaan Mellegers and Barbara Iwanicka.

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