La Ficelle Magique

La Ficelle Magique was part of Share Your Copy, a temporary exhibition in the MOTI cafe during GDFB 2012.
"La Ficelle Magique is a pamphlet installation proposed by Holy Grey for the 2012 edition of the Graphic Design Festival Breda(NL). The project anticipates the curiosity of its participants, and aims to spread some empathy for a collective trait we all own: greed. All produced pamphlets, composed by the visitors, are fragments of a collective story about our deepest desires. Based on fairytales, today's luxury goods and wealthy celebrities, each pamphlet draws a timeless yet contemporary story about our greedy wishes. The installation is based on the old Dutch game "touwtje-trekken" (pulling a rope) and offers the visitor three choices, or draws, to define the pamphlet's content. The drawn codes that appear correspond with visuals and text that are subsequently transferred to the pamphlet by superimposing and printing them out. Due to this pre-designed system pamphlets are easy to produce with the input of the visitor.

Design and Concept
Holy Grey (Marielle van Genderen, Rob van Leijsen and Hanneke Minten)

Many thanks to
Peter Bouwmans, Dennis Elbers, Ed van Genderen, Joris Gerritsen, Nina Gloudemans, Frans van Leijsen and Carmel McNamara

Apercu (Colophon Foundry) Times (Monotype)

VegrinDeMeer, Amsterdam

Sponsored by
Canon and Graphic Design Festival Breda