Words of Wisdom

A card designed in celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Womenís day, commissioned by Words of Wisdom.
The concept behind the design circulated around the idea of the lack of women present in corporate businesses. In 2006, Norway became the first country to introduce a law stipulating that women had to make up at least 40% of the board for publicly trading companies. Five years after its introduction, this law finally achieved what it intended, to raise womenís participation in the corporate environment. But in other neighboring countries, this aim initiative has not spread, where the numbers remain significantly low. While this law was highly debated and criticized at the time, especially by representatives of the business sector, many agree that fears about unqualified Ďtokení board members were unfounded. Moreover, on average, female board members are more highly educated than their male counterparts.

Words of Wisdom is an initiative by the W project (Teo Connor and Loren Platt) and is exhibited in KK Outlet London (8-11 March 2012). The card were printed at Extrapool Nijmegen(NL). Cards are available on request.