XS Architecture

A complete identity was created for a new crossover design platform 'XS ARCHITECTURE', which promotes work that intersects architecture at a smaller [xs] scale. The platform forms a lively podium for architects, designers and artists to exhibit and sell their work. It finds designers out of their original context, making objects and prototypes that utilise their skills in another way but show clear architectural influences - whether that is an architect designing a product or a product designer influenced by architecture. To initiate the project, a new typography was created to evolve the logo. Taking the idea of downscaling, the typeset breaks letters into smaller pieces. Architects are known to design buildings, and not products and prototypes. This idea inspired the design from large scale to small-scale parts, like existing stencil typography does. The typography begins to read as symbols rather than letters according to how it is placed on a poster or other form of publication. With unlimited colour choices and ways to arrange the letter, the identity becomes dynamic and versatile for future publications. A number of flyers for different exhibition openings exhibit this - from grey, yellow black and white to blue in combination with black and white. A change in paper size also lends well to the platform's identity.

In collaboration with Parvinder Marwaha