Symphony Spirograph

Commissioned by Scott van Haastrecht, a creative technologist based in Amsterdam, a poster was designed for a music installation in Breda, The Netherlands. The brief required an interactive poster, whereby the user's actions in drawing spirographs on the designed poster would create sounds, hence the name 'Symphony Spirograph'.

Inspiration was drawn from patterns found in wood. Named 'COL LEGNO TRATTO', a musical term for playing with wood, the poster literally represents natural patterns found in wood, but is evolved through van Haastrecht's concept of making sounds. When in play, the poster is connected to a sound system at its base, where 8 thick black lines are positioned to relate to the structure of an electrical circuit. Through the use of conductive ink, as one draws a spirograph, the movement and interception with the circuit beyond plays subtle sounds.

Slikscreen , conductive ink

Concept: Scott van Haastrecht

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