Edition #1

The first newspaper for Limited Edition.
A collaborative team, with myself as the primary graphic designer, was approached by the Belgian carpet company Limited Edition. The brief was to create a concept for a newspaper to be used to set the client apart as high-end creative forerunners in the interiors business. The carpet company wanted to step away from the visual language that is commonly used today in the interiors world and speak in a more artistic tone. We opted to focus on carpet making as a traditional craft, detailing more of the specific production processes and the story behind how the carpets are made. For the design of the newspaper, we chose a traditional tabloid format, and we created newsworthy articles out of the different stages of production, detailing each as a particular art form. The pages are modern, with appealing graphics, typefaces and use of colour.

Designed at Frame Publishers; see also the Limited Edition Ė Identity project. The newspaper was distributed at the Interieur Kortrijk exhibition in Belgium. Photo campaign by Emmeline de Mooij and Corriette Schoenaerts.