Frame Publishers Ė Identity

Frame Publishers is an internationally-acclaimed publishing house based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In advance of a major re-launch of its website, myself and a colleague were commissioned to create a new visual identity for the publishers which would be used in all corporate literature, business cards and Ė importantly Ė would also form the basis for the new visual identity for its three major magazine titles on the new company website. The three magazines are: Frame (after which the company takes its name), which is all about interior design; Mark, all about architecture; and Elephant (the newest title), all about art and culture.
We decided to focus on each of the three aspects as a unique entity and we assigned each a distinctive, bright and vibrant colour and this was then used as the core aspect of the design. The existing Frame Publishers logo was not redesigned but it was incorporated into the new identity by always have white text against one of each of the three colours: Frame, pink; Mark, blue; and Elephant, green.

Designed at Frame Publishers in collaboration with Cathelijn Kruunenberg