Friendly Fire | 12/01/08

Book publication, limited print run of 50 copies.
Numbers are important in times of war. During an operation of the Dutch army in Afghanistan, two Dutch soldiers and two Afghan policemen were killed by Ďfriendly fireí. Abbreviations and numbers are commonly used in the army as an abstraction of reality. But the abstractions can easily cause mistakes. The main reason for the friendly fire accident was a mix-up of location numbers. This book tells
the story again with numbers as the main subject. If you want to know the story behind the numbers you can open the pages.
The design I used for this book is monochromatic, abstract, poetic and graphic. Japanese binding has also been used on some of the pages, so readers had to peer inside with some difficulty as to read what is on those spreads. The numbers lead to the truth.

Graduation Project 2008, AKV|st. Joost, Breda